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Co - Founder, Editor in Chief


Our " Off the Grid " Founder Mahima Ray is someone who goes off with a book and a cup of chai and doesn't pick calls thereafter. She is a second-year Law Student whose heart sings Frank Sinatra and eyes judge your grammar

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Co - Founder


This team member is one of our most popular. They’re always willing to help out their colleagues and can tackle any issue we face. We are lucky to have such a dedicated Senior Editor.

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Ideation Head


Our Ideation Head, is a first year law student who loves to delve into aspects of law and it's intersection with social causes and events. He makes offensive jokes about real causes and drops truth bombs about the government, international relations  and public policies. You can hit him up at any hour to talk about food, dogs, bollywood and travelling.

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Photography Head


The Photography Head of Our Team is currently pursuing photography/filmmaking as a career. He practically lives off of Redbull, films, travel films and documentaries. And is stoic, indeed. He is the one who scales us down from the Cloud9 of pure excitement and slams reality checks when necessary

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IT Head


Our IT Head is a first year student of Computer Science Engineering who is the epitome of dark humour. He codes, binges animes,  and gives us honest opinions and does all the maths for our team. Hit him up for a head-to-head game night.

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